Why Use Us!

Salco Distributors LLC specializes in bridging the gap between manufactures and independent to medium size chains as well as E-tailers.

For our vendor we provide a method to manage hundreds of smaller accounts thru one contact rather then multiple Customer service and accounting records there is only the need for one.

For our customers they are able to shop over 100 manufactures and create there business is appreciated and there account is serviced appropriately and they benefit form lower minimum, manufacture direct pricing, CRM system and sourcing assistance and much more.

Our Experience Shows!

That our service saves our vendors lots of time and resources and provides them with a 100% performance based business model to reach thousand of prospective clients. No upfront marketing cost we only make a profit when we are successful.

That our services saves our customers benefit from competitive manufacture pricing, excellent select,industry Knowledge, logistics assistance, CRM ticketing system and much more. They save lots of time and in turn can increase their bottom line tremendously.

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